Relax into the Luminous Presence at your core.

Learn to be open and undefended with what is.

Become a more graceful human being.

Relax into the Luminous Presence at your core.

Learn to be open and undefended with what is.

Become a more graceful human being.

Welcome to a new way of being that is powerfully loving, liberated and wise.

Grace is the key to ending the search and finding true fulfillment.

It is direct experience of Divine presence coming alive from within,

Connecting you to real love, clarity, peace, strength and joy.

Grace ends the struggle,

Transforms your suffering into wisdom,

Opens the gate to deeper dimensions of consciousness,

And supports you to embody your highest potential in this world.

Grace is more available than you might think.

I offer you a hand of spiritual friendship and a practical map

To make your journey home clearer, kinder and more potent.

Together, we will listen to the wisdom already alive within you.

Let fear and control melt in an atmosphere of unconditional love.

Cultivate the virtues that make you spiritually mature,

Capable of meeting everything with openness and compassion.

I invite you to surrender,

Not through trying to transcend your humanity,

But through a practice I call Ego Relaxation.

Ego Relaxation frees you to live an authentic life.

Relish the gift of your existence,

And make a meaningful contribution to our world.

This website is your gateway to a life of Grace.

May it support you to become a saner, wiser, more graceful human being.

“Meeting Miranda Macpherson was one of the single most life altering encounters of my lifelong spiritual journey. In her loving presence, and by following her simple yet profound practices, depths of realization I never dreamed possible have come alive inside. I find myself abiding within a living presence beyond ego, beyond concepts and deeper than mind. Peace, profound joy, universal compassion and boundless love are now not mere ideas, but naturally part of my own direct, subjective reality. There is only one word that for me adequately describes the gift of Miranda and her transmission – GRACE.”


Neal Rogin: Film-maker and author of “Delightenment”


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Embodying Grace in Times of Challenge – 7 Month Online Course

August 19 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm
A 7 Month Online Sangha with Miranda Macpherson designed to support you in deepening your spiritual ...

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September 28 @ 8:30 am - October 2 @ 5:00 pm
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Receiving the Blessings of Grace

November 9 @ 6:30 pm - November 13 @ 9:30 pm
This 4 part webinar program is designed to bring you into a deeply receptive and nourishing state of...

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Audio Teachings

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