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Living the Way of Grace

You are deeper than you realize.
In the core of your being, you are infinite, boundless, vast.
Yet commonly we live on the surface of ourselves, chasing after fulfillment in the external world. This keeps us seeking, but never really finding.
You might have tasted moments of freedom, a presence deeper than mind, but you can live it’s wisdom? You can.
I invite you to a deeper surrender, not through struggling to triumph over your ego, but through a practice of Ego Relaxation.
I offer a hand of spiritual friendship to make your journey home clearer, kinder and more potent.
Together, we will listen to the wisdom already alive within you.
Liberate the obstacles that block access to Grace.
Let fears and defenses melt in an atmosphere of unconditional love.
Cultivate the qualities that support you to be truly present.
          Access boundless love, clarity, awareness, peace and joy.
Abide in the living presence that you truly are.
Ego Relaxation frees you to live an authentic life.
It liberates your gifts, and reveals talents you might not know you had.
It connects you to the source of true fulfillment independent of external circumstances.
It cuts through even the deepest personal and collective knots of suffering.
At home within, you can relish the gift of your life,
And turn your attention to being of benefit to our world in transition.
This website is your gateway into direct experience of the Sacred.
Support to become a saner, wiser, more graceful human being.
Let the living waters flow through us to hydrate our parched earth.
Let Grace become our WAY.

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I consent to the use of my email address for this purpose in accordance with the privacy policy.

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