Central to my own daily practice as well as the essence of all my teachings is the invitation to Rest IN God, even as we go about our daily business. Commonly, we are not even aware of being caught up in our “exhausted mind” that is is being beaten helplessly by neurotic thoughts – by unconscious childhood and karmic patterns which can drive us to compulsively do more, get more, become more, seek for more, relinquish more…that keeps us living on the surface of our personality. The transmission and practice of Ego Relaxation cuts through this unnecessary spiritual struggle, calling you back to your center and inviting you to yield to a Presence deeper than mind.

Even if you do not yet feel it as your emotional reality, you are already IN God. Just as waves rise and fall within the infinite ocean, all of your concerns, your joys and sorrows are happening WITHIN the One fabric of Being. However, when we take ourself to be a separate somebody, abiding in God-natural great peace, seems conditional on stamping out all our bad habits. Resting seems like something only possible when you finally have the time, after accomplishing your goals in the outer world. Ego regards PEACE as a commodity dependent on achieving particular conditions. ie:

  • If my loved one gets well, then I can be at peace…
  • If the challenging dynamic in my marriage straightens out, then I can be at peace…
  • If I reach my financial goals, then I can be at peace…
  • If I lose the weight, then I can be at peace…
  • If the political situation changes, then I can be at peace…
  • If my children are doing well, then I can be at peace…
  • If others recognize my worth, then I can be at peace…

Ego is always seeking resolution to what it regards as its problems.Ego Relaxation invites you to let it all rest in God – right here and now, even as you continue the ongoing practice of bringing limiting patterns to the light of awareness. You can relax the search for peace through particular conditions , and instead let your awareness return to restful abiding….even in the face of life’s inevitable ups and downs. Ramana Maharshi reminded us that: “Grace is always present.”This means that the love, support, and blessings we need to retrieve true fulfillment and freedom are always available, but often we are blocking the flow. Recently I was in private session with a mature practitioner who has been attending my European retreats for years. During this session, he was seeing more about his attachment to being a “spiritual seeker”, that held together a sense of pride. Now, this was dissolving and although he know this was ultimately good, he felt shaky and terrified, saying:

“What now? I thought I knew who I was, Now all I know is that what I have called “me” is just a shell – my ego trying to “do spiritual”.

It was beautiful to be there with him in this, knowing just how edgy it can feel for any of us to allow our familiar sense of who we are and what the world is to dissolve, even when we know it is in the way. His terror opened into amazement when I invited him to notice the space in which his experience (of not knowing who he really is), was happening within. Inviting him to let it all rest in the vast spaciousness, including his fear, he noticed that the space itself was simultaneously “infinitely empty but also softly holding”. Furthermore, that the spaciousness was not “other” than him Self. All the various challenges and problems he was dealing with, such as financial sustainability, health and family issues etc could all consciously Rest In God. Further, he recognized that “God” was not other than his fundamental true nature. He felt completely at home, pure, naturally humble, and trusting that his life situation would work itself out.
One of my favorite Tibetan Buddhist texts: “Spaciousness: the Radical Dzogchen of the Vajra-Heart”, translator Keith Dowman says that:

“All things are resolved in the matrix of luminous mind”.

Luminous mind is completely different from neurotic mind! When we return our awareness to the spaciousness foundation of our being and ALL being, what we regarded as our “problems” often disappear. Or, at the very least, they look very different! Returning to our center not only resolves the root of struggle, it re-connects us to the source of real peace, love, joy and clarity, from which to navigate daily life with wisdom. This is especially important given the intensity of these times in which we live across the globe. I invite you, One to recognize that whatever is happening in the curriculum of your life, and even all that is happening within our world, is happening WITHIN God – a foundation that is naturally peaceful, spacious and loving. I invite you to STOP and RE-SET for a moment, here and now.

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  1. Susan

    Thank you Miranda. Your teachings are wonderful explanations, pointing, through your more feminine and listening quality, towards to attainable-at-this-moment of resting in God,
    Being in “God’s lap .” It is so profound .

  2. AffiliateLabz

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂


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