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Spiritual Teacher Miranda Macpherson's Community
We will come home together, or not at all

~A Course in Miracles

All Community

All retreats, on-going programs and events happen within a tangible atmosphere of spiritual friendship, mutual respect and care for one another.

While some traditions have viewed relationship as a distraction to spiritual awakening, in this approach we harness the relational field as an amplified support in which to practice. We use repeating questions, and learn how to hold space to witness and listen to the truth in one another. The prophet Mohammed once said that 'Wherever you turn is God's face". Together we help one another see our own true face.

Ongoing Sangha in Marin County [ssba]

“Awakening Love – Embodying Wisdom” Non-dual wisdom teachings, group inquiry, kirtan and spiritual practice for those wanting to go deeper into direct experience with ongoing guidance and support.

Ongoing Sangha in Sonoma County [ssba]

Sonoma "Awakening Love and Wisdom" sangha (closed group - but takes in new members each January). This sangha flows along similar lines to the Marin group, except a commitment to participate for a year at a time is required.

Retreat Alumni Facebook Group [ssba]

This is a private facebook group for those who have done at least one 5 day retreat with Miranda. Its purpose is to provide ongoing support to apply the practices and transformational teachings we have shared.

“There is nothing to fear” - Miranda Macpherson, a Spiritual Teacher, influenced by Ramana Maharshi - Awakening the Love & Wisdom of your True Nature through Audio Meditation, Interfaith Teachings, Holistic Inquiry, Awakening, and Defenselessness

Prayer List [ssba]

At every retreat, daylong or sangha meeting, we dedicate the benefits of our inner exploration to the benefit of all beings. Furthermore, we specifically pray for anyone who has asked for spiritual support. If you would like to be included in this list, pleas

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