“Let your ego defenses and all of your unnecessary suffering melt into a mountainous presence that provides total support to be who you truly are.”

– Miranda Macpherson


Meditations on Boundless Love Audio Book

 Teachings and practices to Relax the Ego, Surrender Spiritual Resistance, and Rest in your Vast Heart

(4 hrs, 38 mins)


The Way of Grace: The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation

Unabridged audio-book read by Miranda

(12 hours, 34 mins)


“Miranda Macpherson is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. I continue to learn from her depth and to be touched by the expansiveness of her love. She integrates a rigorous clear seeing mind with a boundless heart and the embodied wisdom that comes from decades of clinical application. Furthermore, her musical gifts and depth of presence make her teachings potent and deeply inspirational. She invites us to a new way of seeing and living, recognizing the non-dual nature of reality as well as working with people exactly where they are. Her transmission of Grace and Ego relaxation is powerful medicine for our individual and collective lives.”


Shauna L. Shapiro, PhD
Professor, Santa Clara University
Author: The Art and Science of Mindfulness


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