“Let your mind drop into the heart, and open to the inner spaciousness unbound by thought or history”

– Miranda Macpherson

Online Courses

Hosted by Science & Nonduality (SAND)

Living the Embodiment of Grace: 

Practicing Ego Relaxation with Relationships, Work and these Wild Times

3-Part live Webinar Series

Starting Saturday, August 17, 2019, 10am -12pm PDT.

Cost: $99

The Way of Grace: 

the Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation

A Free online Community Conversation

Video and/or Audio available.

Hosted by the Shift Network

Finding True Fulfillment

9 week course designed to help you to stop sabotaging your own fulfillment and walk through the world as the graceful human being you were made to be.

The Way of Grace Advanced Course

26 week course that integrates the most important foundations of Miranda’s teachings, giving more advanced instruction and practical application.

Living from God Consciousness

10 week course for on Integrated non-duality and learning to embrace everything (including your shadow) as part of the Divine.

Relaxing Into God

14 week course for Awakening your Boundless true nature. This program includes important foundations for holistic inquiry practice and the pillars of awakening.

The Way of Grace

10 week course for entering into the Four Dimensions of Grace and the specific inquiry sequences and devotional practice that bring Grace alive.

Life of Grace

Began February 6th. Registration is now closed, and this will be available as a Self-Paced course in June 2019.

Opening to Boundless Love

10 week course for harnessing your deepest longings and relational challenges into the path of awakening.

“I felt blessed every time I sat in front of Miranda — her ability to transmit the Boundless Love she teaches comes through the screen. Through this course, I experienced a deep and abiding transformation in my perspective on a difficult situation. My heart is more open and I am able to forgive even though the actual resolution is still not forthcoming. I am so grateful for this deeper ability to trust and abide in my true nature, Love.”


Jennifer McCuen


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