“Embracing everything as part of God”- Miranda Macpherson, a Spiritual Teacher, influenced by Ramana Maharshi - Awakening the Love & Wisdom of your True Nature through Audio Meditation, Interfaith Teachings, Holistic Inquiry, Freedom, Meditation , and Defenselessness

“Embracing Everything as Part of God”

Audio Meditation - 10 Minutes

“You are invited into the source of stillness and inner peace.

When your standpoint becomes that of wisdom, you will find the whole world to be God

- Ramana Maharshi


These teachings were recorded live in 2014. They were given as part of a series of ongoing teachings to the ‘Awakening Love and Wisdom’ sangha in Sonoma County. COST: free (the audio quality is not perfect but the content is good so that is why this is a free gift!)



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