“Be As You Are”

Audio Meditation – 7 Minutes

This is the radical yet simple invitation of Sri Ramana Maharshi. It invites you to relax your ego interference: the efforts to change, improve and reject yourself that block deeper Reality. This meditation shares the direct transmission to be nothing, do nothing, get nothing, become nothing, seek for nothing and relinquish nothing. Listen and let yourself be found by the grace of pure silence.

Music: Harmonium and vocal by Miranda Macpherson

3 reviews for “Be As You Are”

  1. Noelene

    Just beautiful! This short but powerful meditation enables surrender. Thankyou.

  2. Pauline Anderson

    This is the core meditation and one that I want to hear every day if my life. I thank the Divine Presence for this and Miranda for bringing it to us.

  3. Mary Ann

    A gentle climb into the higher worlds, with calm relaxation and peace. Thank you.

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