Wake Up and Love

Audio Teaching – 25 Minutes

This wisdom teaching was given at Miranda’s Living Grace Sangha in Marin, California in November 2019.

COST: Free

5 reviews for Wake Up and Love

  1. Brian Sorensen

    Outstanding in every way. ✨✨

  2. Pim

    Thanks for this reading. Soft invitation to open up, and sit in silence and be present to what is. Not always easy… but that’s part of the human condition. Nice inquiry questions 🙂 Good to have some ‘fresh questions’ after 1 year They Way of a Grace’ questions.

  3. Thierry

    Thank you for this gift. Good to remind us of our humanity…keep learning and growing and forgiving….or even beyond it….let LOVE grow!

  4. Lauren Thompson

    Hi Miranda, Your teachings always set my mind on the right track and I become contented and fully present. Thanks for sharing your lovely teachings with the world and my soul.

  5. Judi

    I took notes like a school girl, wanting to be able to read and reread these wonderful words on allowing life to teach us through the difficulties. AND the thing that “knocked me over” was how we can’t learn until we release self-condemnation!!! I have heard a lot about the necessity of self-forgiveness, but this drove it home like nothing else! Thank you, Miranda!!!

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