Deepening Your Meditation Practice 6 Module Program

A 6 week program to help you to develop and deepen your meditation program with 6 of Miranda's foundational meditation practices.


Join Miranda as she introduces you to her 6 foundational practices, gives you detailed background to them and how they are will benefit you then leads you in your meditation practice.
Each module includes:

  • Video recording of each meditation – where I guide you into the practice.
  • Video teaching on each practice – that offers nuanced instructional for each meditation, trouble-shooting common issues, and how to gain the most from each practice.
  • Audio ‘on the spot’ 5-7 minute version of each practice - to apply throughout the day, and re-set when stressed, overwhelmed, getting reactive.
  • Written handout on each practice.

Plus additional resources
Plus instructional video “Overcoming Resistance to Meditation”.


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