“Be Still and Know” – Highlights from 3 Day Retreat (3.5 hours)

Highlights from 3 day retreat at Santa Sabina, San Rafael, California. Summer 2014

‘Be still and know I am’ is the universal invitation at the heart of all great teachings, yet it is often mis-understood, not to mention overlooked in our fast paced world. This retreat ushers you deeper into pure awareness, sharing powerful teachings and practices that support the loosening of ego identification.

Join an intimate group on the journey exploring the obstacle of seeking, overcoming our fear of loss, habits of control, attachments to our familiar self, and the subtle dynamics that bump us back to the surface, even after we have tasted deeper reality.

This retreat emphasizes the power of unconditional allowing, self-forgiveness, discriminating awareness and learning to truly BE and abide in God consciousness. This includes all teaching segments, practices, inquiry questions and highlights of the sharing and satsang, so you can literally take the retreat from your own home.

Duration: 3.5 hours


Additional Information

Day 1:

Be Still and Know – engaging with the perennial invitation. Loosening the obstacle of seeking

Day 2:

Morning Practice: Mountain of Presence Meditation & Gayatri mantra

Overcoming resistance to Be Still

“Un-holy trinity” of sin-guilt-punishment

The Presence of Self-Forgiveness

Who is the seeking, resistive, frightened self?

Unpacking the building blocks of personality

Unconditional Allowing

Day 3:

Receiving, Recognizing, Abiding Letting everything rest in God .


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