“Living from Presence Retreat”

Highlights from 4 day retreat at Santa Sabina, San Rafael, California. Fall 2013

All non-dual teachings remind us that we are already ‘that which we seek’. Yet there is a world of difference between conceptual and experiential knowing. On this retreat, you are invited to journey with Miranda and a group of sincere practitioners through and beyond the habits that typically block access to the pristine presence of our true nature.


Additional Information

This retreat focuses on addressing the root of inadequacy and fear, unwinding the patterns that cause pernicious stress. In a beautiful setting, Miranda leads you on an inner journey through rich wisdom teachings, satsang, meditation, devotional and embodiment practices that encourage transformation of ego obstacles and deeper access to the fulfillment and beauty at your core.

Day 1:

“Come and See” – opening into direct experience of the Sacred.

Day 2:

Morning Practice & Gayatri mantra
Be as you Are: who are you deeper than “me”?
The gentle effort
Meditation questions and Instructions
Finding your Holy Word: intro to Centering Prayer
Q & A on spiritual practice
Deepening Trust: Inquiry exercise

Day 3: Going Deeper

“The Pillars of Awakening” – virtues that expand your our capacity for Inquiry.

The One Core Solution
Diving in and Through
Deep Support meditation
Presence in the face of our ego verdict
The Divine Feminine Principle
Opening, Softening & Allowing
From un-met needs to whole heartedness.
De-throning alliegence to the ego.
Realizations of I AM presence.

Day 4:

Compassion, Dedication and Surrender
Q & A: Lightening up in the Divine Play
Integrating WHAT and WHO we are
Remembrance Meditation: “The Forgotten Song”
Inquiry Exercise: Landing our realization.


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