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"Notice the mystery that
births everything into being...
birthed you into being.
Vast, powerful and pure,
it wants to know itself.
Wants you to know I AM.

~ Miranda Macpherson

All Writings

Miranda Macpherson – Conscious TV Interview

Renate McNay, co-founder of "Consciousness TV" interviews Miranda on what it means to 'be nothing, do nothing, get nothing, become nothing'. Miranda speaks about the dark night of the soul, touching on both her own awakening experiences and reflecting on the u

Embracing Everything as Part of God

So much of the spiritual path is about acceptance – learning to embrace everything. This is not the same as being passive or resigned. It is not a dismissive ‘oh well’, or presuming our challenging situations are some kind of penance for past error.

Infinite Holding

Spiritual transformation asks of us something that sounds simple enough: Turn within and let go of everything you think you know, including what you think you even are.

Integrated Awakening

All non-dual teachings remind us that freedom and love is our natural state. God – pure radiant consciousness, is what we always already are, even if we do not feel it yet as our emotional reality. Many insist that since our deepest being is already free, we

The Power of Defenselessness

All non-dual teachings remind us that we are already ‘That’. The depth of our being is God, eternal pristine awareness. Yet there is a world of difference between knowing this conceptually, and genuinely experiencing for ourselves the indestructible presen

The Art of Surrender

Our ego hears the invitation to surrender and is stumped. “How do I do that?” Recently I was on the phone with a long-standing student I will call Angela who was courageously disengaging some of the deeper threads of her ego defenses as we all must in wa


The perennial spiritual invitation that has been given us by every sage and tradition east and west is this: surrender and open through absolutely everything – no matter how it appears. We are told that this is the sacred route from the shell of our ego stru

The Banquet Table

True spiritual awakening asks us to open our entire being to inquire afresh who and what we truly are. Who are we beyond our conditioned beliefs and habits? Who are we deeper than our emotions, our relationships, our history, the roles we play in life, our cu

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