“Discriminating Wisdom”

Audio Meditation – 23 Minutes

These teachings were recorded live in 2014. They were given as part of a series of ongoing teachings to the ‘Awakening Love and Wisdom’ sangha in Sonoma County. COST: free (the audio quality is not perfect but the content is good so that is why this is a free gift!)

1 review for “Discriminating Wisdom”

  1. Jaya

    Such deep simple clarity. A clear message for me to meditate with at this point in life., to assist clarity.
    Just your voice, Miranda, drops me into a resonance of relaxation, honesty and peace. Thankyou. You are such a blessing.
    Honesty at this point is showing me my attachments but also admitting ‘I’ am not yet able to let go and that’s ok – I feel Letting go can only come from a deep movement within, when there is integration on all levels, or it is not total, & perhaps not honest, and can perhaps be harmful. Who am ‘I’ to let go – discernment shows me when it is the mind or ego forcing a letting go , ‘thinking’ that is what I ‘have’ to do. At this time, it is prayer and truthful intention that I engage – ‘“I am open to listening / receiving – please show me the way and walk me the True Path.”

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