“Embracing Everything as Part of God”

Audio Meditation – 23 Minutes

These teachings were recorded live in 2014. They were given as part of a series of ongoing teachings to the ‘Awakening Love and Wisdom’ sangha in Sonoma County. COST: free (the audio quality is not perfect but the content is good so that is why this is a free gift!)

2 reviews for “Embracing Everything as Part of God”

  1. Wrye

    In this meditation, Miranda offers jewels amidst the detritus of life—surrender without collapse., with practical precepts to integrate heart and mind amidst times of trouble. Thank you!

  2. Dorothy

    This is a beautiful and powerful teaching on opening to all the feelings that arise in us with compassion
    and curiosity and the attitude of “this too”. Recognizing that Grace abides as the heartbeat in both our
    struggles and our joys. Deep gratitude.

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