“Unwinding Your Core Ego Identity”

Audio Meditation -36 Minutes

This is a powerfully transformative practice to harness your core knot of suffering as a gateway to deeper ground of being. Listen whenever you find yourself caught in any kind of ego reaction that disturbs your peace of mind. It begins by grounding you deeply in unconditional love and support, from which you can inquire in and through your sense of dis-connection: the specific ways you lose yourself in a deficient self-image. Listen and be guided in meeting your history, feelings, beliefs, defences and avoidances that typically bump you back up into your story, from undefended presence. Then you can inquire into who you are deeper than your personality, to abide in the indestructible pure presence prior to ‘Me’.

Music by Gary Malkin [email protected]ftheworld.com


Unwinding Your Core Ego Identity


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