The Shower of Grace Meditation Deepening Practice

This is an exceptionally nourishing practice that ushers us into the receptive condition, opening the crown chakra and Mo center (above
the head). Harnessing devotion and visualization, it invites us to receive the refuge of non-conceptual blessings, whether we understand this to emerge from enlightened beings, celestial forces (bodhisattvas or angels), or light itself.


Join Miranda as she introduces you to one of her foundational practices, gives you detailed background to it and how it will benefit you then leads you in your meditation practice.
This product includes:

  • Video recording of the meditation – where Miranda guides you into the practice.
  • Video teaching on the practice – that offers nuanced instructional for each meditation, trouble-shooting common issues, and how to gain the most from each practice.
  • Audio ‘on the spot’ 5-7 minute version of the practice - to apply throughout the day, and re-set when stressed, overwhelmed, getting reactive.
  • Written handout on the practice.


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