“You cannot do spiritual transformation.
Relax the interference, and Grace finds you.

– Miranda Macpherson


Meditations on Boundless Love

Teachings and Practices to Relax the Ego, Surrender Spiritual Resistance, and Rest in Your Vast Heart

Teachings and practices for melting our heart’s defenses and living from the depths of the love that we are.

The Way of Grace

The Transforming Power of Ego Relaxation

The Way of Grace is a guide to spiritual surrender and nondual realization based on the practice of ego relaxation—a holistic, feminine approach to welcoming all of your experience and responding with compassion and wisdom in a world in need of your unique gifts.

The Heart of Being

Mantras for Awakening

Recorded in the spring of 2013 in Holland with friends from the Venwoude Institute where Miranda leads retreats bi-annually. Sometimes ordinary language cannot accurately express the deepest dimensions of our being – the love for the sacred mystery that is our deepest heart. 

Private Sessions

Work With Miranda 1-on-1

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Boundless Love

Transforming Your Life with Grace and Inspiration

Writing about some of our most important concerns, Miranda shares rich insights gleaned from her own personal challenges as she weaves perennial wisdom into grounded instruction for walking an authentic spiritual life in the everyday world. 

“Miranda gives us a loving and lucid guide for the journey of spiritual surrender. For anyone ready to give up the struggle and relax into the arms of The Divine, Miranda will show you the way. “


Marci Shimoff, New York Times Bestselling Author of “Happy For No Reason”


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